Steel shelf brackets 150mm
  • Steel shelf brackets 150mm



    (Set of 10 brackets)


    These shelf brackets didn't quite make the grade after inspection.
    The shelf brackets may have one or two defects - that aren't really defects in the industrial world!

    The brackets could have marks, weld burns, deep scratches, slight rust, not to the nominal lengths, forklift marks etc. None of these affect the way the product performs, just gives the ultimate authentic industrial look! 


    The hole centres on the shelf leg length are not correct.


    These brackets are Non-Returnable. 

    • Flat mild steel shelf brackets

      Folded steel, not welded
      Two drilled holes to attach bracket to wall: to accept 8mm fixings
      Two drilled holes to attach bracket to shelf: to accept 6mm fixings



      These industrial style brackets have been designed for scaffold board shelving but with a little bit of imagination they can be used for many different projects inside your home, garage or garden. Used sensibly these brackets are more than adequate for everyday shelf situations e.g. for books, ornaments, kitchen utensils, a bike rack and so on. Remember this sleek elegant folded design relies on the strength of the steel at the point of bend but used responsibly they can create simple statement wall mounted pieces in any modern or traditional environment.