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Flag Pole Brackets

These aluminium wellington boot racks are available in six different sizes and unlike other types of boot rack aluminium does not rust, rot or need treating/painting. Lightweight and arriving fully assembled with fixings the rack can be installed immediately into your home or outdoor area. Commonly used in tack rooms, outbuildings, garages or inside residential homes, this is the space saving way to store your boots dry and organised.

For Your Interior or Exterior 

Minimalist design, will compliment any interior design or can be used outside.

Made from Aluminium, this means they can be attached to your outside wall and it will not rust or rot. 

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Fully Assembled & Ready To Go

You will receive the rack fully assembled and complete with the fixings needed. Simply unpack and fix it to your desired space.

Plain cardboard box - can be wrapped and given as a gift.

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Handmade in the United Kingdom

Completely handmade using traditional machinery in our workshop in Cornwall.

Not mass produced.

Minimalist Design

A lightweight, rust free bracket to hold your favourite flag or Christmas tree.

Designed so no assembly is required, simply unpack and fix to your wall.

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Five Types Available

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Up To 25mm

Will accept up to: 25mm (2.5cm) diameter flag pole
Tube mounted at approx.: 45 degrees
Base plate: 1/8” thick
Base plate: approximately 75mm x 100mm (7.5cm x 10cm)


Corner Up To 25mm

Can hold up to four pairs of Wellington's

Length - 705mm (70.5cm)
Width - 25.4mm (2.54cm)
Overall length from tube end cap to wall is approximately - 140mm (14cm)

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Up To 32mm

Will accept up to and including: 32mm (3.2cm) diameter pole

Tube mounted at approx: 45 degrees
Made from: 10 gauge tube
Base plate: 3/16” thick
Base plate: 3/16”

Base plate: approximately 75mm x 100mm (7.5cm x 10cm)


Corner Up To 32mm

Can hold up to five pairs of Wellington's

Length - 855mm (85.5cm)
Width - 25.4mm (2.54cm)
Overall length from tube end cap to wall is approximately - 140mm (14cm)

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Up To 50mm

Will accept up to and including: 50mm (5cm) diameter
Bracket has a three point fixing rather than four to allow fitting to uneven wall surfaces
Tube mounted at approx 25 degrees to keep the tree closer to the wall
Perfect for narrow streets
Base plate:1 ¾” x ¼” flat aluminium
Strap: 1” x  3/16” flat aluminium